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A True Sensory Dining Experience

Evoking the feeling of eating at a 19th century estate in the French countryside, the 16-person dining experience at La Table Krug by Y is designed as an 8-course journey for the senses.
Blending the words ‘experiment’ and ‘experience’ Chef Yann Bernard Lejard’s EXPeRiMENCe menu delights guests with an ever-evolving palette of signature dishes, artfully presented in platings that call to mind the works of visionary artists.
La Table Krug by Y Manama, Bahrain - Dining Experience
"The menu EXPeRiMENCe will be like a never-ending story with each menu numbered in order to create a unique dining experience for each guest that is never the same. The dishes will change daily based on my inspiration and feelings, and I will ensure a menu that is always daring, playful, unexpected, and most importantly, without limits," says Chef Yann Bernard Lejard, Executive Chef at La Table Krug by Y at the Ritz-Carlton.
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